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     A. travelled B. has travelled C. travells D. had travelled
二,(   ) 1 Can you tell me___ you were born, Betty?
         A. who B. what C. when D. that
(   ) 2 I don't know ___ they have passed the exam.
     A. what B. if C. when D. where
(   ) 3 I hardly understand.___ he has told me.
     A. that B. what C. which D. who
(   ) 4 She didn't know___ back soon.
    A. whether he would be B. if would he be C. he will be
(   ) 5 I don't know _____ he still lives here after so many years.
    A. whether B where C. what D.when
(   ) 6 Do you know _____ they listened to yesterday evening?
    A. what B when C why D how
(   ) 7 He asked me _____told me the accident.
    A whom B which C who D whose
三,(   ) 1.They don't know ______their parents are.
     A that B what C why D which
(   ) 2.Please tell me ______what last year.
     A.where does your sister work B where did your sister work
    C where your sister works D where your sister worked
(   ) 3.She asked me if I knew ______.
A. whose pen is it B. whose pen it was
C. whose pen it is D. whose pen was it
(   ) 4. You must remember ________.
A. what your mother said B. what did your mother say
C. your mother said what D. what has your mother said
(   ) 5 Did you know ____?
A. who he was looking after B. who was he looking for
C. who he is looking for D. who he is looking after
(   ) 6 Could you tell me ___?
A. when will they leave Beijing   B. when would they leave Beijing
C. when they will leave Beijing   D. when did they leave Beijing
What is her name?  (I don’t know)       

2.Where does Doctor Liu Live? (Do you know)

3.What did he lose at the railway station? (Would you tell me)

4  Why is the cinema closed? (I wonder)

5  When did the accident happen? (Please go and find out)

6   What foreign language can you speak? (I want to know)

7   Whose box is it on the floor? (I’m not sure)

8   How much did you pay for the dictionary? (Please tell me)   

9  She is a teacher. (I hear)

10  Does her aunt live in Paris? (I’m not sure)    

11  Is Mrs. Lee in the classroom? (I asked)

12  Who will come to join us? (Do you know)    

13  My son is having a cold. (she said)

14. Will it rain again tomorrow? (I don’t know)

1、Do you know how much hot water _______?
 A.Mum is needed    B.does Mum need  C.Mum needs      D.did Mum need
2、Can you tell me_______?
  A.where he is       B.where is he  C.he is where      D.what is he
3、I didn't know how_______to London?
A.would they go     B.are they going  C.they would go     D.they are going、
4、I want to know how long_______.
A.has he been back     B.has he come back
C.he has been back     D.he has come back
5、Do you know_______?
  A.what the news are     B.what is the news
  C.what the news is      D.what are the news
6、He said he would help me with my maths if he_______free.
  A.was   B.will be   C.would be    D.is
7、He will write to you as soon as he _______to Shanghai.
  A.gets   B.is getting   C.will get    D.shall get
8、Father_______music when he_______young
  A.liked…was      B.liked…is  C.likes…was      D.likes…is
9、I liked sports_______I was young.
  A.so much as      B.so much that
  C.very much when     D.very much because
10、_______ mother got home, I was tidying my room.
  A.After  B.When  C.As soon as   D.Before
11、The teacher didn't begin her class_______the students stopped talking.
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