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( )1.When you____the office,you’d better_____that the lights are turned off.
A.leave;make sure B.leave;to make sure C.will leave;make sure
D.will leave;to make sure
( )2.John fell asleep____he was listening to the music.
A.after B.before C.while D.as soon as
( )3.I won’t believe that the five—year—old boy can read five thousand words ___I have tested him myself.
A.after B.when C.if D.until
( )4.I haven’t heared from Bill___he left here.
A.when B.before C.since D.while
( )5.—Is Tom at school today?
—No.He’s at home____he has a bad cold.
A.because B.if C.until D.before
( )6.I don’t know ___tomorrow.Can you tell me?
A.when we stared B.when did we start
C.when we will start D.when will we start
( )7.Our class teacher asked the monitor___.
A.why didn’t Bill come to school B.why doesn’t Bill come to school
C.why Bill didn’t come to school D.why Bill doesn’t come to school
( )8.Peter says that the Whites are on holiday,but no one knows___
A.where they have been B.where are they
C.where are they from D.where they have gone
( )9.—Could you please tell me____?
—I live in Yan’an.
A.where do you live B.where were you born
C.where you live D.where you were born
( )10.She didn’t tell me when she ____.
A.came B.is coming C.would come D.will come
)11.Ross likes music___is quiet and gentle.
A.when B.that C.where D.who
( )12.Yao Ming is a famous basketball star___is playing in the NBA.
A.whose B.who C.what D.which
( )1 3.—Is the girl___is intervewing the manager of that company your friend ?
—Yes,she is a journalist from CCTV.
A.whom B.which C.who D.whose
( )14.____have finished the work can leave.
A.Those who B.Anyone C.The one who D.They who
( )15.The book___he bought yesterday is very interesting.
A./ B.why C.when D.what
( )16.Lian Zhan with his visitors ___from Taiwan___paying his first visit to the mainland of China.
A.whocome;is B.whois;is C.which come;is D.that are;are
( )17.John is a very interesting person____always tells funny stories.
A.which B.what C.who D.whose
( )18.Do you think most students prefer tests___have easy qutions?
A.who B.where C.that D.it
( )19.The real great man is the man ___makes every man feel great.
A.where B.who C.which D.when
( )20.I’d like to tell you the table manners___you should know when you visit Korea.
A.which B.who C.what D.when

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