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40. all the time
41. at first
II. 重要句型
1. have fun doing sth.
2. Why don’t you…?
3. We’re going to do sth.
4. start with sth.
5. Why not…?
6. Are you going to…?
7. be friendly to sb.
8. You’d better do sth.
9. ask sb. for sth.
10. say goodbye to sb.
11. Good luck(with sb)!
III. 交際用語
1.Welcome backto school!
2.Excuse me. I’m sorry I’m late, because the traffic is bad. 
3.It doesn’t matter.
4.Happy Teachers’ Day !
5.That’s a good idea.
6.What are you going to do?
7.Where are we going ?
8.What are we going to do ?
9.I’m good at…
10.It’s not far from…
11. Are you free tomorrow evening?
12.Would you and Lily like to come over to my home for Mid-Autumn Festival?
13.I’m glad you can come.
14.Thanks for asking us.
15.How about another one?
16.May I have a taste?
17.Let me walk with you.
18.What do you have to do?
19.Do you live on a farm?
20.Which do you like better, the city or the country?
21.Which do you like best, dogs, cats or chickens?
22.Shall we go at ten? Good idea!
23.---Let’s make it half past one. ---OK.
24.---Why not come a little earlier? ---All right.
25.Excuse me. Where’s the nearest post office, please?
26.It’s over there on the right.
27.I’m sorry I don’t know.
28.You’d better…
29.Thank you all the same.
30.Which bus do I take?
31.Go along this road.
32.What day was it yesterday?
33.I’m sorry to hear that.
34.I hope you’re better now.
35.Why did you call me?
36.I called to tell…

I. 重點短語
1. give a concert
2. fall down
3. go on
4. at the end of
5. go back
6. in ahurry
7. write down
8. come out
9. all the year round
10. later on      
11. at times
12. ring sb. up
13. Happy New Year!
14. have a party
15. hold on
16. hear from
17. be ready
18. at the moment
19. take out 
20.the same as
21. turn over
22. get-together
23. put on
24. take a seat
25. wait for
26. get lost
27. just then
28. first of all
29. go wrong
30. make a noise
31. get on
32. get off
33. stand in line
34. at the head of
35. laugh at
36. throw about
37. in fact
38. at midnight
39. enjoy oneself
40. have a headache
41. have a cough
42. fall asleep
43. again and again
44. look over
45. take exercise
II. 重要句型
1. be good for sth.
2. I think …
3. I hope…
4. I love…
5. I don’t like…
6. I’m sure…
7. forget to do sth.
8. take a message for sb.
9. give sb. the message
10. help yourself to sth.
11. be famous for sth.
12. on one’s way to…
13. make one’s way to…
14. quarrel with sb.
15. agree with sb.
16. stop sb. from doing sth.
III. 交際用語
1.What’s the weather like today?
2.It’s cold, but quite suuny.
3.How cold it is today!
4.Yes, but it’ll be warmer later on.
5.Shall we make a snowman?
6.Ok. Come on!
7.Happy New Year!
8.May I speak to Ann, please??
9.Hold on, please.
10.Thanks a lot for inviting me to your party.
11.Ok. But I’m afraid I may be a little late.
12.Can I take a message for you?
13.That’s OK. It doesn’t matter.
14.I’m very sorry, but I can’t come.
15.I’m sorry to hear that.
16.Happy birthday!
17.Would you like ...? Would you like to ...?
18.Do you think ...? Yes, I think so. / No, I don't think so.
19.Do you agree? Yes, I agree. / No, don't really agree. I really can't agree.
20.There are a few / a lot of ... / on it.
21.So do we.
22.I'm happy you like it.
23.Which is the way to ..., please?
24.Turn right/left at the ... crossing.
25.Go on until you reach ...
26.How can I get to ...? Go down/up/along this road.
27.What's the matter?
28.It'll take you half an hour to ...
29.We'd better catch a bus.
30.It may be in ... Ah, so it is
31.You must be more careful!
32.You mustn't cross the road now.
33.If you want to cross a street, you must wait for the green light.
34.Please stand in line.
35.You must wait for your turn.
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