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18. --- It is one of the world's most important languages as it is so widely used.
19. --- Where is / are … grown / produced / made ?
20. --- The (ground ) must be just right…
21. --- It's best to …
22. --- The hole should not be too deep.
23. --- The Great Green Wall is 7000 kilometres long, and between 400 and 1700 kilometres wide.
24. --- The more, the better.
25. --- More or less!
26. --- The (ground ) must be just right…
27. --- The hole should not be too deep.

I. 重點短語
1. beg one's pardon
2. multiply …by…
3. slow down
4. wear out
5. try on
6. make a decision,
7. a place of interest
8. make a mistake
9. drop off 
10. think about
11. make up one's mind,
12. at all,
13. at least
14. by the time
15. carry on
16. never mind
17. from now on
18. come down
19. hands up
20. before long,
21. no one,
22. not…any longer
II. 重要句型
1. be busy doing sth.
2. prefer to do sth.
3. regard... as...
4. be pleased with sth./sb.
5. be angry with sb.
III. 交際用語
1. ---How much does… cost …?
2. ---It can cost as little as … yuan and as much as … yuan.
3. ---It costs ….
4. ---It's worth ….
5. ---I don't agree with ….
6. ---I wasn't sure whether….
7. ---I wonder if ….
8. ---What size …?
9. ---Have you got any other colour / size / kind?
10. ---Have you got anything cheaper?
11. ---How much are they?
12. ---How much does it cost?
13. ---How much is it?
14. ---That's a bit expensive.
15. ---Even though they're a little expensive, I'll take them.
16. ---I'll think about ….
17. ---I don't think I'll take ….
18. ---I like ….
19. ---I don't really like ….
20. ---Can I help you, girl?
21. ---Would you like me to look in the back?
22. ---We can find ….
23. ---Do you like being …?
24. ---Can I ask you some questions?
25. ---Sure.
26. ---It was great.
27. ---Wow!
28. ---Yeah!
29. ---Oh dear!
30. ---Hands up!
31. ---I’ll shoot anyone who moves.
32. ---There’s no need to thank me.
33. ---Can you remember anything else about him?
34. ---Come down, Polly!
35. ---There is a little traffic accident.
36. ---There's a big traffic jam.
37. ---Well, I'm sure he'll be here before long.
38. ---I'm beginning to get angry with him!
39.---Yes, we can't wait any longer. Let's go without him.
40. ---That's terrible!
41. ---That's a really bad excuse!
 1.There be 結構
 eg.There are twenty girls in our class. have也解釋為“有”但是與there be有區別,它的含義是“所有,屬有”,其主語為某人。eg.I have a nice watch.
 b.There be 結構中的be動詞要和后面所跟名詞保持一致。
 c.There is a river near our school.
  否:There is not a river near our school.
  問:Is there a river near our school.
  回答:Yes, there is. No, there isn’t.
 d.there be 結構的一般將來時,同學們較難掌握,其正確形式為:there is going to be
 e.反意疑問句的構成:There is no water in the glass, is there?
①There is going to _____ a football match this afternoon.
  A. have B. watch C. be D play
 ?、赥hey were sure that they were going to ____ a rest.
  A. be B. have C. be on D. on
 2.so,neither引導的倒裝句,為了避免和前一句話的內容重復,英語中習慣用so, neither引導的倒裝句。
  eg.Mike has bought some foreign stamps.
  So has Bob.=Bob has bought some,too.
  eg.Mother has never been to Japan.
  Neither has Father.=Father has never been to Japan, either.
 c. So+主語+be(助動詞,情態動詞)。表示果真如此(贊同), 請同學們與a.區別。
  eg. A: Mike is right in the classroom.
  B: So he is.=He is really in the class room.
 ?、臝t’s two weeks since we met last.(自從我們上次見面已有兩個星期了)
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