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1.Not all these books are second-hand;_______ of them are new.
  A.all             B.none          C.some            D.each
2.You can buy these maps at ______ railway station.They all have them.
  A.that            B.any           C.every           D.each
3.I prefer a street in a small town to ______  in such alarge city as Shanghai.
  A.that            B.it            C.this            D.one
4.1've only seen one copy of Gone with the wind in the bookshop opposite.Tom,go and buy ______.
  A.one             B.any           C.other           D.the others
5.At the time neither country allowed ______ to open any companies on its land.
  A.another         B.the other     C.other           D.the others
6.Most of the housework was done by two members of the family,my sister and _____.
  A.me              B.I             C.myself          D.mine
7.______ was thoughtful ______ John to send me this present.
  A.It;for         B.He;for       C.It;of          D.He;of
8.—We walked twenty miles today.
—I never guessed you could have walked  ______ far.
  A.as              B.this          C.that            D.such
9.—Have you read through the two books he lent you last week?
—No,______ of them is easy to read.
  A.either          B.none          C.both            D.neither
10.Meeting my uncle after all these years was an uncomfortable moment,_____ I will always treasure.
   A.that            B.one           C.it             D.what
11.The noise of the party prevented me from getting  ______ sleep.
A.some            B.any           C.no          D.many
12.I hate ______ when people talk with their mouths full.
   A.it              B.that          C.those           D.then
13.The class are busy preparing ______ lessons for a test.
   A.his             B.her           C.their           D.its
14.—Would you care for tea or coffee?
    — ______ ,thank you.I’ve just had some tea.
  A.Little           B.Both          C.Either          D.Neither
15.It was in the house  ______  he used to 1ive that the exhibition was held.
   A.where            B.that          C.as            D.which
16.I make ______ a rule to take a walk in the morning.
   A.that             B.this          C.myself         D.it
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