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1. My brother ____ a teacher. He ____ his pupils very much.
  A. is, like   B. is, likes  C. are, likes  D. are, like
  2. A: How many days ____ there in a week?
  B: There ____ seven.
  A. is, is   B. are, are  C. is, are   D. are, is
  3. I ____ tired last night.
  A. became  B. felt   C. looked   D. am
  4. Her face ____ pale(蒼白)when she heard the bad news.
  A. got   B. is    C. turned   D. was
  5. You ____ pale. What's wrong with you?
  A. turn   B. seem   C. look   D. become
  6. The boy ____ ill today.
  A. are   B. is    C. be   D. am
  7. Which ____ bigger, the sun or the moon?
  A. are   B. is    C. be   D. ×
  8. Neither she nor I ____ a doctor.
  A. am not   B. am   C. are   D. is
  9. I ____ a worker next year.
  A. am   B. will be   C. be   D. will
  10. Her voice ____ like my mother's.
  A. sounds  B. sound   C. looks   D. look
  11. It often rains and the crops ____ fast.
  A. get   B. turn   C. grow   D. become
  12. A: How are you ____ now?
  B: Much better, thank you.
  A. getting   B. feeling   C. making  D. turning
  13. The teacher's smile made me ____ better.
  A. feel   B. to feel   C. feeling   D. felt
  14. My English teacher ____.
  A. all look young     B. looks young
  C. look young      D. all looks young
  15. I ____ busy now, but I ____ free next week.
  A. am, am  B. am, will  C. am, will be  D. being, will be
  16. I ____ at this school for about two months.
  A. am   B. will be   C. have been  D. was
  17. My brother ____ in the League for about five years.
  A. have been  B. has been  C. was   D. is
  18. Come to my office if you ____ free tomorrow.
  A. are   B. will be   C. was   D. is
  19. If water ____ heated, it will be ____ into vapour (蒸氣).
  A. was, turned  B. is, turned  C. is. get   D. was, got
  20. If you don't take back what you just said, Mother ____ angry.
  A. is    B. will be   C. get   D. feels
  21. Neither of us ____ a doctor.
  A. am   B. are   C. is    D. were
  22. He ____ a famous writer.
  A. turns   B. become  C. has become  D. has turned
  23. The girl's face ____ red.
  A. turned   B. got   C. feel   D. look
  24. He ____ very glad.
  A. looked   B. turned   C. feel   D. looks
  25. The flowers ____ fragrant (芳香).
  A. get   B. smells   C. smell   D. feels
  26. The table ____ very smooth.
  A. look   B. turn   C. feels   D. smell
  27. Jack ____ younger than Tom.
  A. look   B. feel   C. feels   D. looks
  28. She looks ____.
  A. happy   B. to be happy  C. happily  D. that she is happy
  1. —That must be a mistake. 
    —No, it _____ a mistake. 
  A. must not be   B. needn’t be   C. cannot be   D. would not be 
  2. —_____ I water the trees on Tuesday? 
    —No, you needn’t. 
  A. Can   B. Must   C. May   D. Shall 
  3. He _____ not pay unless he is punished to pay. 
  A. shall   B. will   C. can   D. would 
  4. I _____ such a mistake again. 
  A. shall never make   B. may never make   C. can never do   D. need never do 
  5. —_____ I turn on the radio? 
    —You’d better not. It is noisy enough in this room. 
  A. Shall   B. Must   C. Need   D. Do 
  6. Let’s go to the library this afternoon, _____? 
  A. shall we   B. will we   C. can we   D. should we 
  7. Where are my keys? I _____ lost them. 
  A. ought to   B. should have   C. will have   D. must have 
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