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 This book sells well.這本書暢銷。
 1.一般現在時(am/ is/ are +done)
 English is spoken by lots of people in the world. 世界上的許多人都說英語。
 Class meeting is held every Thursday. 每周四都舉行班會。
 The classroom is cleaned by the students every day. 學生們每天都打掃教室。
 2.一般過去時(was/ were +done)
 The cup was broken by the boy. 杯子被那個男孩打碎了。
 He was saved at last. 他最終獲救了。
 My bike was stolen. 我的自行車被偷了。
 3.一般將來時與過去將來時(will/ shall be +done; would/should be +done)
 A speech will be given this afternoon. 今天下午有一個演講。
 A new road will be built next year. 明年要修一條新馬路。
 I thought thousands of people would be helped. 我認為將有數千人得到幫助。
 4.現在進行時與過去進行時(am/ is/ are being +done; was/ were being +done)
 The machine was being repaired at this time yesterday. 昨天這時,機器正在被修理。
 The problem is being discussed now. 問題正在被討論。
 A bus is being pushed by the passengers. 路人正在推一輛公共汽車。
 5.現在完成時(have/ has been + done)
 Two hundred trees have been planted by now. 到現在為止,已經種了二百棵樹了。
 The book has been read many times by me. 這本書已經被我讀了許多遍了。
 Several soldiers have already been killed in the conflict. 在沖突中已經有幾名士兵被殺害。
 6.過去完成時(had been+done)
 They said they had been invited to the party. 他們說已經被邀請參加晚會了。
 She found the house had been destroyed by the storm. 她發現房子已經被暴風雨摧毀。
 He had been tortured by the illness for many years before he died.

1. Good books ____ again and again.
A. should be readed B. should be read
C. must read        D. ought to read
2. The children ____ by the nurse.
A. were looked       B. looked after
C. were looked after D. looked
3. He ___ some pieces of advice, but he ____ to them.
A. gave, didn't listen   B. was given, wasn't listened
C. give, wasn't listened D. was given, didn't listen
4. When____ the accident _____ ?
A. was, happen B. did, happen
C. is, happen  D. was, happened
5. The question ____ by us soon.
A. is going to discuss      B. will discuss
C. is going to be discussed D. has been discussed
6. The lab ____ about five years ago.
A. was builded B. was built C. builds D. has been built
7. A lot of tall buildings _____ in his hometown in the last three years.
A. have set up B. have been set up C. were set up D. set up
8. They ____ printing 500 copies by the end of last month.
A. had finished B. have finished C. had been finished D. have been finished
9. Rice ___ also _____ in their hometown.
A. is…grown B. is…grew C. was…grew D. was…grown
10. He ____ by the teachers.
A. is always praised B. praises
C. have been praised D. always is praised
11. Great changes ____ place. Many new schools____  .
A. have taken, have been opened B. take, are open
C. are taken, open              D. have been taken, are opened
12. The picture______  in October, 1996.
A. was taking B. had been taken C. was taken D. had taken
13. We can't use the bridge now, because it______ .
A. has been repaired B. is repairing C. is repaired D. is being repaired
14. I ______the way to the railway station by a policeman.
A. was shown B. showed C. have shown D. was showing
15. The war______ in 1941.
A. broke out      B. had been broken out
C. was broken out D. had broken out
16. When water______ , it will be changed into vapour.
A. is heated B. heating C. has heated D. heats
17. We can't enter the room because its door______ .
A. locked B. locks C. is locked D. is locking
18. They ______day and night.
A. are made work     B. are made to work
C. made to be worked D. are making to work
19. Chang'an Road is ______of people.
A. filled B. fill C. full D. fulled
20. Man-made satellites ______into space by many countries.
A. was sent up       B. is sent up


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