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C. have been sent up D. has been sent up
21. This English song _____ often _____ by the children.
A. is, singing B. is, sung C. will, sing D. was, sung
22.The windows of our house _____once a week.
A. must clean B. have cleaned C. is cleaned D. are cleaned
23. When ______ the People's Republic of China_____ ?
A. was, found B. was, founded C. did, found D. does, found
24. Mary's radio ______ by my brother just now.
A. will be mended B. has mended C. was mended D. mended
25. Your exercise books _____ after class.
A. will hand in B. must hand in C. handed in D. must be handed in
26. Some trees may ______ at other times of the year.
A. be planted B. plant C. are planted D. will be planted
27. The sun _____ at night as usual.
A. can be seen B. can't see C. can't be seen D. doesn't see
28. A new English play _____ there next week.
A. will put on B. will be put on C. is going to put on D. will be putted on
29. A strange thing _____ in our school yesterday.
A. was happened B. has been happened C. happened D. was going to happen
30. The glass ______ . It _____ by little Tom this morning.
A. broke, is broken  B. is broken, was broken
C. was broken, broke D. has been broken, broken
1. I saw the boy run yesterday.
2. He told me that he would come back soon.
3. You can find a lot of differences between the two languages.
4. Do you water your flowers every day?
5. The wind blew down the big tree last night.
6. I think that he is right.
7. He had not thrown the bad food.
8. Mother was not mending the trousers.
9. They would not take him to Beijing.
10. Nobody knew me in this town at that time.

(   )1._____ a new library _____ in our school last year?
A. Is; built          B. Was; built     C. Does; build    D. Did ; build
(   )2. An accident ____ on this road last week.
A. has been happened  B. was happened  C. is happened    D. happened
(   )3.Cotton(棉花) ____ in the southeast of China.
A. is grown          B. are grown      C. grows         D. grow
(   )4.So far, the moon ____ by man already.
A. is visited          B. will be visited   C. has been visited  D. was visited
(   )5.A talk on Chinese history _____ in the school hall next week.
    A. is given           B. has been given   C. will be given   D. gives
(   )6.How many trees ____ this year?
    A. are planted        B. will plant        C. have been planted  D. planted
(   )7.A lot of things ____ by people to save the little girl now.
    A. are doing          B. are being done   C. has been done  D. will be done
(   )8.--When ___ this kind of computers______? --Last year.
    A. did; use           B. was; used        C. is; used       D. are; used
(   )9.The Great Wall ____ all over the world.
    A. knows            B. knew           C. is known       D. was known
(   )10.Who _____ this book _____?
    A. did; written        B. was; written by   C. did; written     D. was; written
(   )11.A story _____ by Granny yesterday.
    A. was told us        B. was told to us     C. is told us       D. told us
(   )12.The monkey was seen _____ off the tree.
    A. jump             B. jumps           C. jumped        D. to jump
(   )13.The school bag ___ behind the chair.
    A. puts              B. can be put        C. can be putted   D. can put


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