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中考總復習 單項選擇訓練之A詞類
  ( ) 1. --Have you had ________ breakfast yet? -- No, not yet.
  A./ B. a C. the D. an
  ( )2. Let's look at the bag. Can you see _____“s”on the corner of_____ bag?
  A. a, a B. a, the C. an, a D. an, the
  ( )3. There is egg on the table, egg is for you.
  A. a, A B. an, An C. an, The D. the, An
  ( )4. Our teacher told us that _______ moon moves around ______ earth, and
  ________ earth circles________ sun.
  A. a, a, a, a B. an, an, an, an C. the, the, the, the D. /, /, /, /
  ( )5. At that time, he was studying in_______ university. And it was a famous one.
  A./ B. the C. a , D. an
  ( )6. _________ mother is a worker.
  A. Mary and Mike's B. Mary's and Mike's C. Mary's and Mike D. Mary and Mike
  ( )7.He has searched the ________ or 2 hours for the information about Yang Liwei.
  A. mouse B. keyboard C. Internet D. computer
  ( )8.The room is too small, there' s no enough ________for another desk.
  A. place B. room C. floor D. ground
  ( )9.There may be something wrong with her ______,she can' t see things clearly.
  A. eyes B. ears C. mouth D. nose
  ( )10.-- Which room shall we live in tonight? – In __________.
  A. the Room 406 B. Room 406 C. the 406 Room D. 406 Room
  ( )11. We'll be away for two weeks because we'll have a ___________.
  A. two-weeks holiday B. two weeks' holidays
  C. two- week holiday D. two-weeks' holiday
  ( )12. The number of the students in our grade ________about six _______,
  of them are girls.
  A. are, hundreds, two- thirds B. is, hundred, two- third
  C. is, hundred, two thirds. D. are, hundreds, two third
  ( )13. ___________ travellers come to visit our city every year.
  A. Hundred of B. Hundreds of C. Five hundreds D. Hundred
  ( )14. He spent ________ yuan on the new computer.
  A. five thousand, three hundred and forty B. five thousand, three hundred and forties
  C. five thousands, three hundred and forty. D. five thousands, hundreds and forty
  ( )15. My home is about ________ from my school.
  A. 15 minutes B. 10 minute's ride C. 20 minutes by bike D. 15- minute's on foot.
  ( ) 16. We are doing much better ______ English _______ our teacher's help.
  A. in, at B. at, in C. in, with D. with, with
  ( ) 17. The food _______ my hometown is quite different ______that there.
  A. in, like B. to, from C. from, to D. in, from
  ( ) 18. Before 1992, there was no airline _________ the two cities.
  A. along B. in C. between D. among
  ( ) 19. ________the new computer, travellers at the offices of CAAC can now buy their air tickets much faster. A. Because B. Thanks for C. Thanks to D. Since
  ( )20. He had _________ much work to do that he couldn't go out.
  A. so B. such C. as D. or
  ( )21. Tom has been in the factory _________he left school.
  A. when B. since C. as soon as D. whether
  ( )22. The nurse doesn't feel well today, _________ she still works very hard.
  A. but B. and C. or D. when
  ( ) 23. _______ my mother ________ my sister watches TV plays these days.
  A. Either, nor B. Both, and C. Neither, or D. Neither, nor
  ( ) 24. He walked ________ fast for us ________catch up with.
  A. so, that B. such, that C. enough, to D. too, to
  ( ) 25. Lucy knew nothing about it ________ her sister told her.
  A. because B. until C. if D. since
  ( ) 26. I don't think it very expensive to buy a family computer here.
  -- Really? I'll buy _______ next week.
  A. it B. this C. one D. mine
  ( ) 27.--Which would you like, rice or noodles? --_______is OK. I'm hungry.
  A. Either B. Neither C. Both D. All
  ( ) 28. We found ________ necessary to protect the environment.
  A. it B. this C. that D. what
  ( )29. The weather in Beijing is cooler than ________ in Guangzhou.
  A. this B. it C. that D. one
  ( )30. There is _________in today's newspaper.
  A. new anything B. new something C. anything new D. something new
  ( )31 .-- May I use your pen? Mine is broken.
  -- Of course, here are two and you can use ________ of them.
  A. both B. every C. any D. either
  ( ) 32. We can't buy anything because _________of the shops are open at this time.
  A. all B. some C. any D. none
  ( )33.-- Please write to me when you have time. -- Sure. But ________is your e - mail address?
  A. when B. where C. what D. which
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