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  ( ) 34. He couldn't buy the dictionary because he had ________money with him.
  A. a few B. few C. a little D. little
  ( ) 35.-- Have you finished your composition yet? -- No, I'll finish it in ten minutes. A. another B. more C. other D. else
  ( )36. There's ________interesting in the film, so ______is interested in it.
  A. something, nobody B. nothing, somebody C. anything, anybody. D. nothing, nobody.
  ( )37. I think Tom's bike is older than __________.
  A. my B. his C. your D. her
  ( )38. Oh, boys and girls, come in please. And make _________at home.
  A. yourself B. us C. you D. yourselves
  ( ) 39. I don't like winter because it’s ________cold.
  A. too much B. far more C. much too D. much more
  ( ) 40. This match made them ________at last.
  A. friendly B. happily C. quickly D. slowly ( )
  ( )41 .-- Who can reach the book on the top shelf?
  -- Jack can. He is ________boy of us all.
  A. taller B. a tall C. the tallest D. much tallest
  ( )42.-- The shop is ________ on Saturday and Monday.
  -- I see. I'll go here on Monday then.
  A. open B. close C. opened D. closed
  ( )43. It is _______to work out this problem. You needn't go to the teacher.
  A. enough easy B. easily enough C. easy, enough D. very easily
  ( )44.-- Our holiday was _______. -- Yes, I’ve never had __________.
  A. such great, the better one B. greatly, a good one.
  C. so great, a better one D. very good, the best one
  ( )45.-- Mum, could you buy me a dress like this?
  -- Certainly, we can buy _______one than this, but ________this.
  A. a better, better than B. a worse, as good as
  C. a cheaper, as good as D. a more important, not as good as
  ( )46.-- Why don't you ask Tom to do it?
  -- I don' t know whether he is______ to. He sometimes makes things worse.
  A. possible B. able . C. afraid D. easy
  ( )47. Her mother was out. She stayed at home ______ , but she didn' t feel
  A. alone, lonely B. lonely, alone C. alone, alone D; lonely, lonely
  ( )48. A ___school boy, LiLida, first tried to swim across the Qiongzhou Channel in June, 2000.
  A. 12 - year old B. 12 - years - old C. 12 - year- old D. 12 years old
  ( )49, In our exam, the____ careful we are, the ______mistakes we’ll make.
  A. more, more B. more, less C. less, fewer D. more, fewer
  ( )50. Jack's brother doesn't work so _________as Jack.
  A. harder B. hard C. hardest D. hardly
  ( )51. Every day I spend two hours _______my homework.
  A. finishing to do B. finishing doing
  C. to finish to do D. to finish doing
  ( )52. Lin Tao can't be at home. I saw him _______here a few minutes ago.
  A. plays B. to play C. playing D. played
  ( )53. We'd better _______on the road. A car may hit us.
  A. not to play B. not play C. to not play D. don't play
  ( ) 54.--When can I go out to play football, Mum?
  --Finish your homework first, or I won't let you ________.
  A. to go out B. go out C. going out "D. will go out
  ( )55. Could you make her ________laughing?
  A. stop B. to stop C. stops D. stopped
  ( )56. You _________ never play in the street. It's not safe.
  A. can B. may C. must D.need
  ( )57. Please don't forget _______to me, will you?
  A. to write B. writing C. write D. writes
  ( )58. The soldier ran into the room _________the baby.
  A. saving B. to save C. saves D. saved
  ( )59.--__________ we make it half past seven?
  --What about _______ it a little earlier?
  A. Shall, making B. Shall, to make C. Will, making D. will, to make
  ( )60. He _________ harder this year than last year.
  A. study B. studies C. was studying D. studied
  ( )61. I think no news ________ good news, he will be back soon.
  A. is B. are C. was D. were
  ( )62.-Can I help you? --Yes. I bought this computer here yesterday, ,but it ______ now.
  A. didn't work B. won't work C. can’t work D. doesn't work
  ( )63. --What about the food on the plate? –It _________ delicious.
  A. smelling B. smelt C. smells D. is smelt
  ( )64: What a nice garden! How well it _________ after!
  A. has looked B. looks C. is looked D. is looking
  ( )65. Look! Lily with her sister _________ a kite on the playground.
  A. is flying B.are flying C.flying D. fly
  ( )66.--I have seen the film “Titanic” already.
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