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  A. 1920s B.1920’s C. 1920s’ D. 1920’
  ( )102. _______ my parents’ help, I begin to catch up _______ my classmates.
  A. With, to B. Under, with C. With, with D. To, to
  ( )103. —Do you know the differences ________ the three words? --Sorry, I don’t know.
  A. among B. between C. with D. about
  ( )104. —What else do you want? --________ else. I think I have got everything ready.
  A. Something B. Nothing C. Anything d. Everything
  ( )105. Study hard, _______ you will fall behind the others.
  A. and B. but c. or D. though
  ( )106. 30,000 dollars is a large amount of money, but it’s _______ than we need.
  A. far more B. very much c. far less D. very little
  ( )107. The two friends were ______ pleased to see each other that they forgot everything.
  A. so B. too C. very d. much
  ( )108. How long have you _______?
  A. married B. be married C. got married D. been married
  ( )109. We could see nothing because the lights suddenly _______.
  A. went on B. went over c, went down D. went out
  ( )110. Would you please speak more slowly? I can hardly ______ you.
  A. talk with B. agree with c. follow D. hear
  ( )111. –People now can know what is happening in the world quickly.
  --You’re right. With the help of computers, news can ______ every corner of the world.
  A. get B. reach C. return D. arrive
  ( )112. Everyone except Tom and John ______ there when the meeting began.
  A. is B. was C. are D. were
  ( )113. I’m sorry I haven’t got any money. I’ve ______ my handbag at home.
  A. missed B. left C. put D. forgot
  ( )114. I heard he _______ the piano in the room last night.
  A. played B. plays C. to play D. playing
  ( )115. No one can stop news _______.
  A. to report B. to be report c, from reporting D. being reported
  ( )116. –Hi, Kate! --Hi, Mary. I ______ you are here.
  A. don’t know B. don’t think C, think D. didn’t know
  ( )117. –Have you ever traveled abroad?
  --Sure. I ____ the language of English in the USA two years after I graduated from the university.
  A. used to learn B. was used to studying C. have studied D. didn’t use to study
  ( )118. The visitors are very ______ to see so many changes _______ in Shenzhen since 1979.
  A. surprise; have been taken place B. surprising, took place
  C. surprised, have been taken place D. surprised, have taken place
  ( )119. When I got to his home, he ________ for an hour.
  A. had left B. left C. had been away D. has been away
  ( )120. The boss made him work 14 hours a day. That means, he _______ work 14 hours a day.
  A. was made B. made C. was making D. was made to
 [中考總復習 單項選擇訓練之B綜合
  ( )1. More and more foreigners want to _______their companies in Zhejiang.
  A. clean up B. look up C. pick up D. open up
  ( )2. Can I ______your dictionary? --Sony, I'm using it.
  A. borrow B. lend C. keep D. return
  ( )3. _______ me carefully, boys and girls. Can you _____ me clearly.9
  A. Listen to, hear from B. Hear, listen to C. Hear, hear D. Listen to, hear
  ( )4. Let the children go away. They're making to much _______ here.
  A. noise B. voice C. sounds D. songs
  ( )5. The students put down their pens when the teacher_____ them to stop writing.
  A. said B. spoke C. told D. talked
  ( )6. He ________ living in the country to the city.
  A. likes B. prefers C. enjoys D. loves
  ( )7. Many girls like __________ skirts in summer.
  A. wearing B. dressing C. in D. putting on
  ( )8. If you don' t know a word, you can ________ the word in a dictionary.
  A. look up B. look down C. look over D. look out
  ( )9. Mr Li would like to _________ us an interesting story.
  A. tell B. talk C. say D. speak
  ( )10. _________ away the old books and __________ me that new one.
  A. Bring, bring B. Bring, take C. Take, take D. Take, bring
  ( )11.-- I' m going to school now, Mum, Bye.
  -- Just a minute. It's cold outside, _________ your coat, please.
  A. Put on B. Take off C. Put up D. Take down
  ( )12. It is better to teach a man to fish than ________ him fish.
  A. to give B. giving C. to find D. finding
  ( )13. This TV set is too loud, will you please _________?
  A. turn down it B. turn it down C. to turn it down D. to turn down it
  ( )14. It will be warmer tomorrow. The temperature will _________ again.
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