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A. when    B. at which   C. that   D. which
28. He has not reached the age ___ he can marry.
A. that   B. at which C. by which D. on which
29. Tom is the student ___ our teacher got angry.
   A. with who    B. to whom    C. about whom   D. with whom
30. When you read the book, you’d better make a mark ___ you have any questions.
   A. at which    B. at where     C. the place where    D. where
31. We expressed the hope ____ Mr and Mrs Smith would come to visit China the next year.        A. that    B. which    C. what    D. when
32. Tom’s mother kept telling him that he should work harder, ____ didn’t help.    A. he     B. which    C. she     D. it
33. Have you seen the film Titanic, ___ leading actor is world famous?
   A. its     B. it’s      C. whose   D. which
34.The reason ___ I’m writing to you is to tell you about a party on Saturday.   A. because    B. why   C. for    D. as
35. Do you remember one evening a week ago ____ I came to your room and borrowed a dictionary?    A. that     B. which    C. when   D. where
36.We should learn from those___are always ready to help others.
A.who  B.whom    C.they    D.that
37.Mr. Herpin is one of the foreign experts who___in China.
A.works     B.is working    C.are working    D.has been working
38 .Tom is the only one of the students who___to Shanghai.
A.have gone   B.have been   C.has been   D.had gone
39.I,___your good friend,will try my best to help you out.
A.who is   B.who am   C.that is   D.which am
40.The old man has two sons,___are lawyers.
A.both of them   B.both of who     C.both of whom      D.both of they
41.He is a man of great knowledge, ___much can be learned.
A.in whom       B.about whom       C.from whom    D.of whom
42.Do you know the man___just now?   A.to who I nodded         
B.I nodded to    C.whom I nodded      D.Whom I nodded to him.
43.The man___has gone to Japan.  A.whom I told you    
B.that I told you      C.whom I told you about him     D.I told you about
44.Please pass me the dictionary__cover is black.
A.which      B.its     C.whose     D.which of
45.The radio set___last week has been out of order.
A.I bought   B.I bought it   C.which I bought it   D.what I bought
46.All the apples___fell down from the tree were eaten op by the pigs.
A.which    B./    C.that    D.they
47.I can tell you___he told me last week. A.all which  B.all what    C.that all   D.all that
48.This is the biggest lab___we have ever built in our university.
A.which   B.what    C.that   D.where
49.Is oxygen the only gas___helps fire burn?
A.that    B./   C.which   D.what
50.Air,___we breathe every day,is around us all the time.
A.that B./  C.which  D.it
51.This is the museum____we saw an exhibition the other day.
A.that   B.which     C.where     D.in that
52.This museum is__you visited the other day.
A.that B.which C.where D.the one
53.This is the museum ___you saw the other day.
A.that B.where C.in which D.in that
54.It is the third time___late this month.
A.that you arrived      B.when you arrived
C.that you’ve arrived   D.when you’ve arrived
55.It was in 1969___the American astronaut succeeded in landing on the moon.   A.that    B.which   C.in which  D.when
56.We often think of the days___we spent together on the island.
A.when   B.which   C.in which   D.during which
57.Have you ever been to Shanghai,____I left ten years ago?
A.where    B.which   C.that    D.when
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