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182.Let’s discuss___questions___are about the future of the youth.
A.so,as     B.as,that    C.such,that  D.such,as
183.The man___talkied to you just now is an engineer.
A.who B.whose C.which D.what
184.In fact the Swede did not understand the three questions____were asked in French.A.where    B.who   C.in which  D.which
185.Finally,the thief handed everything____he had stolen to the people.
A.which    B.what   C.whatever  D.that
186.I can still remember the sitting-room____my mother and I used to sit in the evening.A.which    B.what  C.that   D.where
187.He didn’t know which room___.
A.they lived   B.they lived in  C.did they live  D.did they live in
188.Is this the house__he was born?
A.at where B.which C.in which D.at which
189.A child___parents are dead is called an orphan.
A.which B.his C.whose D.with
190.His parents wouldn’t let him marry anyone____family was poor.
A.of whom   B.whom   C.of whose  D.whose
191.To get the job started,____I need is your permission.
A.only what   B.all what   C.all that   D.only that
192.All___is needed is a cup of tea.
A.the thing   B.that  C.what   D.which
193.The doctor___is leaving for Africa next month.
A. the nurse is talking to him   B. whom the nurse is talking 
C. the nurse is talking to       D. who the nurse is talking
194.He paid the boy 30 dollars for washing the windows,most of___hadn’t been cleaned for at least a year.
A.these    B.those     C.that    D.which
195.After graduation he asked to be sent to the place____
A.where he is most needed    B.where he need  
C.where he is mostly needed  D.where is he mostly needed.
196.We are living in an age__many things are done on computer.
A.which   B.that   C.whose  D.when
197.___ has been announced,we shall have our final exams next month.
A.That        B.As    C.It     D.What
198. I don't like _____ you speak to her.
A. the way B. the way in that C. the way which D. the way of which
199. Can you tell me the name of the factory ___you paid a visit last week?
A. what B. which C. to which D. to that
200. We have two spare rooms downstairs, _____ has been used for more than two months.
A. but neither of which     B. none of which
C. but neither of them      D. none of them

參考答案:1--5:CADDB    6---8:DBB   9.BDAC    10.DAC   11.BCB    12.CD   13.DA    14.CB  15.A
16---20;ABCAB  21---25;BCCCD   26---30;BABDD    31---35;ABCBC   36---40;ACCBC
   41---45;CBDCA       46----50;CDCAC    51---55;CDACA    56---60;BBBBC  61---65;CABBB
66---70;DBBDB     71---75;DADCC    76---80;CADCC    81---85;DCCCB    86---90;CDACD 
91---95;DCBAB    96---100;DBAAB    101---105;DBADC      106---110;CDBAB    111-115;DBDDC
116---120;DBDBA   121---125;DDBBC   126---130;DADDB    131---135;CCACA    136---140;BBCCB
141---145;ABDBA   146---150;BCBBD   151---155;CACBA   156---160;CABBC    161---165;CDCAB 
166-170;ABCAA   171---175;DABCB   176---180;ACDCB   181---185;ADADD   186---190;DBCCD 
191---195;CBCDA    196---200;DBACC

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