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賓語從句 專項練習
Ⅰ .選擇正確答案完成下列賓語從句。
(   )1 .The children said         they        themselves very much .
A .if ,enjoy B .why ,enjoyed C .what ,enjoy D .that ,enjoyed
(   )2 .I don’t think        I        out the problem .
A .if , can work B .how , will work C .that , can work D .when , will work
(   )3 .She is afraid         he       cold at night .
A .that , will catch B .that , catches C .whether , will catch D .if , catches
(   )4 .We are sure        he         to speak French well .
A .that , learned B .that , has learned C .if , learned D .if ,has learned
(   )5 .The boy asked        I        any noise from outside .
A .when , heard B .why , had heard C .whether , had heard  D .what ,heard
(   )6 .Who can tell us        about over there ?
A .what they talk B .what do they talk C .what are they talking D .what they are talking
(   )7 .We couldn’t find out          ,so we asked a policeman .
A .whose bike it was B .whose bike was it C .whose it was bike D .whose was it bike
(   )8 .Do you know         take to get to the hospital ?
A .which way must we B .which must we way C .which way we must D .which we must way
(   )9 .Tom asked         to school late .
A .who did often come B .who often did come C .who often come D .who often came
(   )10 .I don’t remember          the boy by himself .
A .why did she leave B .why she left C .why had she left D .why she had left
(   )11 .Have you forgotten         when he died ?
A .how old he was B .how old was he C .what did he say D .what he did say
(   )12 .Nobody knows        to visit our school .
A .when will he come B .when does he come C .when he will come D .when he does come
(   )13 .Please tell us          to the science museum .
A .how can we reach B .how we can reach C .how can we get D .how we can get
(   )14 .Don’t you believe       to the moon by spaceship ?
A .that man did fly B .how did man fly C .if man fly D .whether man fly
(   )15 .I don’t know         .
A .what is the matter with him   B .what the matter is with him
C .what with him the matter is   D .what the matter with him is
(   )16 .He doesn’t tell me if he        .If he        .I’ll telephone you .
A .will come , comes B .will come , will come C .comes , will come D .comes , comes
Ⅱ .選擇括號內正確的關聯詞語填空。
(   )1 .I wonder        he asked such a silly question in public .A .how B .why
(   )2 .       do you think will teach us maths next term ?A .Who B.Whom
(   )3 .Are you sure        ?A .that she is honest  B .she is honest
(   )4 .He        you are not going to Shanghai .A .is surprised that B .surprised that
(   )5 .He often thinks of        he can do for all the others .A .what B .which
(   )6 .He made        he wouldn’t change his mind .Ait quite clear that B .that quite clear
(   )7 .I don’t think        .A .it that he came to the concert true
B .it true that he came to the concert
(   )8 .Do you know what time        ?A .begins the football match
B .the football match begins
(   )9 .Ask him how much        .A .it cost B .it costed
(   )10 .She asked me        to build the hospital .
A .how long it was taken B .how long it had taken
(   )11 .Tom killed the dog .I’ll ask him why        .A .he did that B .did he do that
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