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  1.Wang Hai  told me_____he didn’t go cycling yesterday afternoon.(how,why)
  2.Can you tell me______else is going to be on duty today?(who,whom)
  3.She said_____it wouldn’t matter much .(that,if)
  4.He always thinks______he can do better.(how,who)
  5.I really don’t know________the bridge will be finished.(how long,how soon)
  6.They don’t know_______we are going hiking.
  7.She wanted to know_______her coat would be ready the next day.
  8.I was really surprised at______ I saw.
  9.I don’t know______so many people crowding round him
  1.When does the train arrive?Please tell me.(改為賓語從句)à
  Please tell me__________________________________.
  2.What does she do?Do you know?(改為賓語從句)à
  Do you know_______he_______?
  3.Do they want fried chicken?He asked the boys.(改為賓語從句)à
  He asked the boys_______they______fried chicken.
  4.Was the watch made in Shanghai?I don’t know.(改為賓語從句)à
  I don’t know_______the watch_______made in Shanghai.
  5.“Do you want to try something new?”Tom’s mother asked him.(同義句)à
  Tom’s mother asked him_____________________to try something new.
  6.I think this is a good idea.(改為否定句)
  I_______________this________a good idea.
  7.Lucy hasn’t decided which trousers to buy.(改為復合句)
  Lucy hasn’t decided________________________________buy.
  8.I don’t know how I can get to the hospital.(改為簡單句)
  I don’t know________________________ to the hospital.
  1. He won’t come. I think. (變為復合句)(1996甘肅)
I ______ think he ______ come.
3. “Do you wash your clothes yourself?” Tom asked the girl next to him.(改復合句)
Tom asked the girl next to him ______ ______ ______ her clothes herself.
4. Did Peter come here yesterday? Li Lei wants to know. (改為賓從)(1999福州)
Li Lei wants to know ______ Peter ______ here yesterday.
5. Is the earth round? The little boy asked.(改為賓語從句)The little boy asked ______ the earth ______ round.
6. “Where does he live?” Mr Hu asked.(改為復合句)Mr Hu asked where _______ _______.
7. Tom’s father saw him sitting on some eggs.(改為復合句)
Tom’s father saw ______ ______ ______ sitting on some eggs.
8. Mrs White told Tom not to throw paper on the ground.(改為復合句) (99上海)
Mrs white told Tom ______ ______ ______ throw paper on the ground.
9. Please tell me where we show our tickets.(改為簡單句,保持原意) (98廣西)
Please tell me ______ ______ show our tickets.
10. Can you tell me how I can get to the post office? (改為簡單句,保持原意)
Can you tell me the ______ _____ the post office?
11. Rose doesn’t know when they are going to repair the watch. (改為簡單句)
Rose doesn’t know ______ ______ repair the watch.
12. The teacher told the boys what they should do and how they should do it.(改為簡單句)
The teacher told the boys ______ ______ do and ______ _____ do it.
13. The earth moves around the sun. The teacher said.(改為賓語從句)
The teacher said ______ the earth ______ around the sun.
14. Are you hungry? My mother asked me.(改為賓語從句)
My mother asked me ______ ______ ______ hungry.
15. Why hasn’t she come yet? Nobody knows. (改為賓語從句)Nobody knows ______ ______ _______ come yet.
1. I don’t know _____ he will come tomorrow. _____ he comes, I’ll tell you.
A. if; WhetherB. whether; WhetherC. if; ThatD. if; if
2. Could you tell me ____ the radio without any help?
A. how did he mendB. what did he mend C. how he mendedD. what he mended
3. Could you tell me ____ do with the money?
A. how toB. what should IC. how I shouldD. what I should
4. Can you tell me how many English words ____ since 1996?
A. have you learnedB. did you learn C. you have learnedD. you learned
5. Miss Li wants to know _____ next week.A. when my uncle leavesB. when will my uncle
C. where my uncle will stayD. where does my uncle stay
6. Can you tell me when ____?
A. does the ship leaveB. the ship will leaveC. the ship leaveD. will the ship leave
7. Alice wanted to know ____ her grandmother liked the bag.
A. thatB. ifC. whichD. what
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