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1. I don't  think that the necklace is made of diamond, ________? 
A. do I    B.  do you    C.  isn't  it    D.  is it 
2. His wife had the carpets and the curtains cleaned, ________? 
A. hadn't     B.  had    C.  didn't  she    D.  did she 
3.It's  my son's  wedding next week, and I have to do my best for that,_______  ? 
A. haven't  I     B.  don't   I    C.  don't  he    D.  isn't  it 
4.Harry wouldn't  become a teacher if it hadn't  been for the holiday, ______  ? 
A. would he    B.  had it    C.  would it    D.  had he 
5. No one left here yesterday,________? 
A. didn't  they    B.  did they    C.  didn't  one    D.  did one 
6. Birds rarely build nests in our garden,________? 
A. don't  they    B.  do they    C.  didn't  they    D.  did they 
7. You must have been to the Great Wall,____________? 
A. mustn't  you    B.  haven't  you    C.  aren't  you    D.  must you 
8. learning how to repair motors takes a long time,________? 
A. doesn't  it    B.  don't  they    C.  does it    D.  do they 
9.They must have stayed at home last night,________? 
A. mustn't  they    B.  haven't  they    C.  didn't  they    D.  must they 
10.I feel like going to the cinema tonight,________? 
A. don't  I    B.  don't  you      C.  do I    D.  do you 
11.Let's  start out early tomorrow morning,________? 
A. shall we     B.  will you    C.  do you    D.  can't  you 
12.There's  not much news in today's  newspaper,________? 
A. isn't  it    B.  is it    C.  isn't  there    D.  is there 
13.They need our help badly at the moment,________? 
A. needn't  they    B.  need they    C.  don't  they    D.  do they 
14.She is unfit for the position,________? 
A. is she    B.  isn't  she     C.  doesn't  she    D.  does she 
15.I wish to visit America,________? 
A. don't  I      B.  can I    C.  may I    D.  may you 
16.She's  been a worker here for many years,________? 
A. isn't  she    B.  is she    C.  hasn't  she    D.  has she 
17.What beautiful flowers,________? 
A. aren't  they    B.  are they    C.  isn't  it    D.  is it 
18.Mother used to live in a poor village,____________? 
A. used she    B.  usedn't  she    C.  didn't  he    D.  did he 
19.You'd better go at once,________? 
A. wouldn't  you    B.  had you    C.  hadn't  you    D.  should you 
20.I am very interested in Mark Twain's  novels,________? 
A. aren't  I    B.  am not I    C.  aren't  you    D.  are you 

1.  You’d rather watch TV this evening, ______?
a. isn’t it      b. hadn’t you      c. wouldn’t you      d. won’t you
2.  I suppose you’re not going today, ______?
a. are you      b. do you     c. don’t you    d. aren’t you
3.  I wish to shake hands with you, ______?
a. shall      b. may I     c. do I      d. will I
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