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4.  Three hours ought to be enough time, ______?
a. oughtn’t three hours    b. didn’t they    c. shouldn’t it    d. shouldn’t three hours
5.  They have to study a lot, ______?
a. don’t they    b. haven’t they    c. did they    d. hadn’t they
6.  When the car crashed, your brother escaped being hurt, ______ ?
a. didn’t he    b. did he    c. did it    d. didn’t it
7.  I'm sure dirty, ______?
a. am I     b. isn’t I     c. aren’t I     d. am not I
8.  You seem to be dissatisfied with your present post. I don’t think you judged your ability objectively when you applied for it, ______ you?
a. do    b. did    c. don’t     d. didn’t
9.  That’s the sort of the book you want, ______?
a. is it     d. isn’t that    c. is that    d. isn’t it
10. All these dictionaries are a great help to you, ______?
a. are they                 b. aren’t they 
c. are all these dictionaries    d. aren’t all these dictionaries
11.The movie that we saw last week was quite interesting, ______?
a. wasn’t it    b. was it    c. didn’t we   d. weren’t we
12.Tom has been writing letters all afternoon, but he should have finished them by now,  ______?
a. hasn’t he    b. has he    c. shouldn’t he    d. didn’t you
13.David told me that you would take a trip to America, ______?
a. would you    b. wouldn’t you    c. did you    d. didn’t you
14.There appeared to be no better way, _______?
a. was there    b. were there    c. did there    d. didn’t there
15. You has some trouble finding where I live, ______?
a. didn’t you    b. hadn’t you    c. do I    d. don’t I
16.He has his hair cut every month, ______?
a. has he    b. hasn’t he    c. does he    d. doesn’t he
17.Your friend needs to come earlier, ______?
a. does he    b. doesn’t he    c. need he    d. needn’t he
18.The little boy dare not go to church, ______?
a. dare he    b. daren’t he    c. does he    d. doesn’t he
19. Susan’d have worked abroad if she’d had the chance, ______?
a. has she    b. hadn’t she    c. would she    d. wouldn’t she
20. Everyone’s having a good time, ______?
a. is he    b. isn’t everyone    c. does he    d. aren’t they
21.Any one can join the club, ______?
a. can any one    b. can’t any one    c. can’t they    d. can they
22.Tell me how to operate the electronic computer, ______?
a. will you    b. shan’t you    c. do you    d. don’t you
23.Magaret scarcely comes to visit you on Christmas Day, ______?
a. doesn’t she    b. does she    c. do you    d. don’t you
24. Let’s listen to the radio program that the teacher mentioned, ______?
a. do we      b. don’t we      c. shall we    d. shan’t we
25.You think you’re funny, ______?
a. didn’t you    b. are you    c. don’t you    d. do you
26.Janet used to take part in labor in that village, ______?
a. used she    b. did she    c. didn’t she    d. should she
27.What beautiful weather, ______?
a. is it    b. isn’t it    c. won’t it    d. doesn’t it
28. He ought to go to Kwangchow by plane, ______?
a. should he    b. shouldn’t he    c. would he    d. wouldn’t he
29. We never dared to ask him a question, ______?
a. did we    b. didn’t we    c. dared we    d. daren’t we
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