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30.     Nobody will believe how difficult his work has been ______?
a. will he    b. won’t nobody    c. will they    d. won’t they
31.You must have made the mistake, ______?
a. mustn’t you    b. haven’t you    c. didn’t you    d. hadn’t you
32.Learning how to repair computers takes a long time, ______?
a. isn’t it    b. aren’t they    c. doesn’t it    d. don’t they
33.Jack has coffee with breakfast, ______?
a. hasn’t Jack    b. hasn’t he    c. doesn’t Jack    d. doesn’t he
34.They must have stayed at hotel last night, ______?
a. mustn’t they    b. haven’t they    c. didn’t they    d. hadn’t they
35.There isn’t anything wrong with the radio, ______?
a. is there    b. is it    c. does it    d. does there
36.You must be hungry, ______?
a. must you    b. mustn’t you    c. are you    d. aren’t you
37.Let’s do the exercises by ourselves, ______?
a. shall we    b. shan’t we    c. will you    d. will we
38.Her daughter had the carpets and curtains cleaned, ______?
a. had she    b. hadn’t she    c. didn’t she    d. didn’t her daughter
39.The teacher had a talk with you, ______?
a. has you    b. hadn’t she    c. did she    d. didn’t she
40.Something’ll have to be done about the air pollution, ______?
    a. won’t it    b. will it    c. has it    d. does it
41. Linda ate nothing this morning, ___?
A. didn’t she B. was she C. did she D. wasn’t she
42. There’s hardly___ milk in the bottle, _____there?
A. no, isn’t B. some, is C. little, isn’t D. any, is
43. He has never ridden a horse before, ___?
A. does he B. has he C. hasn’t he D. doesn’t he
44. — He seldom came here, _____? — Yes sir.
A. didn’t he B. does he C. doesn’t he D. did he
45. Everything seems all right, _____ ?
A. does it B. don’t they C. won’t it D. doesn’t it
46. Nobody was absent from the meeting, ____ ?
A. was it B. were they C. wasn’t he D. weren’t they
47. One can’t be too modest, can _____ ? A. one B. he C. it D. we
48. No one failed in the exam, _____ ? A. was he B. did one C. did they D. didn’t he 9. I’m a little late for class, _____ I? A. amn’t B. am not C. isn’t D. ain’t
50. Neither you nor I am a artist, _____ ? A. am I B. aren’t we C. are we D. ain’t I
51. He can’t be her father, _____ he? A. is B. isn’t C. can D. can’t

1-5  DCBAB    6-10  BBACD   11-15 ADABC    16-20  CABCA

1  C 2  A 3  B  4  C  5  A  6  A 7  C  8  B 9  D  10  B 11  A 12  C 13  B 14  D 15  A 16 D 17  B 18  A 19  D 20  D 21  C 22  A 23  B24  C25  D26  C 27  B28  B 29  A 30  C 31  B 32  C33  D34  C35  A36  D37  A 38  C 39  D  40  A
41 C 42 D 43 B 44 D 45 D 46 B 47 A 48 C 49 D 50 C 51 A   

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