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第I卷(選擇題  共55分)
I.單項選擇題(共15小題; 每小題1分,滿分15分)
1. — Mum, will you go to work by _______ underground?
— No, I’ll take a taxi.
A. a    B. the    C. \    D. an
2. Look, there is ________ milk left. We have to go and buy some.
A. little   B. a little    C. few    D. a few
3. Yao Ming is a great player. We are proud _______ him.
A. for    B. of    C. at     D. to
4. —Our hometown has changed a lot.
—Yes, it will be __________.
A. beautiful and beautiful     B. the more beautiful
C. more and more beautiful    D. more beautiful and beautiful
5. ___ Is everyone here today?  
—No, Jack is at home _____ he has got a cold.
A. if    B. until    C. unless    D. because
6. The lights must be ________ when you leave the classroom.
A. closed   B. opened   C. turned on   D. turned off
7. In winter,we usually have a________holiday.
A. three-week         B.three-weeks      C.three week    D.three weeks
8. —Mr. Wu, _______ will you be back from Beijing?
—In a week.
A. how often  B. how soon   C. when    D. how long
9. The two books are so wonderful. I really don’t know ______.
A. what to choose B. to choose which  C. which to choose  D. to choose what
10. On March. 11, 2011, a terrible earthquake hit Japan. _______ of people were killed in it.
A. A large number   B. The large number   C. Lot               D. Many
11. —_______nice weather! Let’s go for a walk!
—That ’s a good idea.
A. what a    B. How    C. How the   D. what
12. —Would you mind closing the window, it’s so cold today. 
A. Of course.  B. Yes, please.   C. Sorry, I won’t.  D. Certainly not.
13. —May I smoke here?
—Sorry, you ______ . Look at the sign!
A. can  B. can’t  C. may     D. may not
14. Tom, this is a present for your _________ birthday.
A. twelve   B. twelfth   C. twelveth   D. the twelfth
15. Hurry up! The film__________for five minutes.
A.began          B. had begun        C. has been on        D.has begun
II.完型填空(共15小題; 每小題1分,滿分15分)
Once there was a king who told some of his people to dig a pond(池子). The king then told his people__16__one person from each family had to bring a glass of milk during the night and  17  it into the pond. So, by the morning, the pond should be  18  of milk.
After  19  the order, everyone went home. As one man prepared his milk, he thought that since__20__was bringing milk, he would just  21    a glass of water and put that into the pond instead. 22 it was dark at night, no one would notice it, so he quickly went and put the water into the pond and  23  home.
In the morning, the king went to visit the pond. To his 24  , the pond was only filled with   25 .! What happened? Yes! Everyone had the same idea  26 that man. They all thought, “I don’t have to waste my milk. Someone else will do it.”
Dear friends, when you plan to help  27 people or people in trouble, do not think that 28   will take care of it. Instead, it__29___with you. If you don’t do it, no one else will, so change yourself and make a 30 .
(   )16.A. that  B.whether   C.when    D.what
(   )17. 2.A. puts  B. put      C. takes       D. took
(   )18.A. filled  B. empty   C. crowded   D. full
(   )19.A. giving  B. refusing  C. receiving   D. offering
(   )20.A.none  B. someone  C.everyone      D. anyone
(   )21.A.hide  B. steal      C. waste    D. drink
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