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(   )22.A.If   B. Since   C. While    D. After
(   )23.A. left  B. came   C. returned   D. arrived
(   )24.A.surprise  B. satisfaction  C. joy    D. taste
(   )25.A.milk     B. water      C. tea    D. coffe
(   )26.A. with     B. to   C. as    D. of
(   )27.A.poor     B. rich   C.old    D. young
(   )28.A. others  B. the others  C. none    D. neither
(   ) 29.A. end  B. ends      C.start    D. starts
(   )30.A. face     B. mistake  C. living    D. difference
It was a sunny day. Mr. Black went to town on business. On his way home, he found in front of him a big pile of hay(干草). He got down from his horse. The hay had fallen off a wagon(馬車). A boy was standing by the wagon and looked worried. He was sorry for the little driver. “Now don’t worry, my boy,”Mr. Black said. “Come with me to the village over there, and I’ll find someone to help you get the hay back onto the wagon.”
In the village Mr. Black’s friend asked him and the boy to have dinner, Mr. Black enjoyed the man’s dinner, but he saw the boy still looked worried. “Dad won’t like this!” the boy said in a low voice. “Don’t worry too much,”said Mr. Black.“Just be careful next time. Now have your dinner, and you needn’t hurry.”
“But I was here for a long time, Dad will be angry.”“Oh, come now,”said Mr Black.“Your dad will understand, he will be glad if he knows that you have had a good dinner. I’ll go with you and explain what has happened, By the way, where’s your dad?” The boy answered, “He’s under the pile of hay!”
31. Why did Mr. Black go to the town?  Because he went there __________.
A. to visit friend B. on business  C. to meet his son   D. to work
32. What did Mr. Black see on his way home?
A. A boy on a horse.       B. The boy’s father on the wagon.
C. A wagon                      D. A big pile of hay on the ground
33. _______ asked the boy to have dinner.
A. Mr. Black    B. Mr. Black’s friend C. The boy’s father   D The boy’s friend
34. What did Mr. Black do when the boy still felt worried?
A. He told the boy not to hurry. 
B. He asked his friend to help the boy alone.
C. He found a friend and helped the boy at once.
D. He asked the boy to eat too much.
35. At last, we know that _________.
A. the boy was not friendly enough       B. the boy was not worried any more
C. the boy’s father was still under the hay.    D. The boy’s father was not angry.
Gross Income(總收入)=$26000  Income Tax= $6000  Net Income(純收入)=$20000.( Net Income(純收入)=Gross Income(總收入)- Income Tax)
The right circle shows how Mr. and Mrs. Brown and their two children spend their family income. My Brown is the only wage earner(靠工資為生的人). Mrs. Brown is a housewife. The children are too young to do any part-time work.
( ) 36. What is net income of the family (the amount left after paying income tax)?_______
A. $6000    B. $26000   C. $32000   D. $20000
( ) 37.How much of the net income is spent on housing?______________
A. $2000    B. $3000    C. $4000    D. $5000
( ) 38. $3000 is spent on _____________.
A. Telephone Power Rates     B. Food
C. Clothing and Incidentals     D. Motor Vehicle
( ) 39. How many people earn money for the family?____________
A. One    B. Two    C. Three    D. Four
( ) 40. If the Brown family decided to sell their car, how much extra money wouldn’t they have to spend?_____________
A. $28000    B. $2000    C. $26000   D. $4000
Every year thousands of people get hurt or die when they are crossing the road. Most of these people are old people and children. Old people often get hurt or die because they can’t see or hear very well. Children usually meet with accidents because of their carelessness. They forgot to look and listen before they cross the road.
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