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How can we lower traffic accidents? All of us must obey the traffic rules. For the drivers, they shouldn’t drive too fast. If they drive too fast, it will be very difficult to stop the cars in a very short time. For the pedestrians(行人), it’s very important to be careful when they are walking on the road. We must stop and look both ways before crossing the road. Look left first, next look right, then look left again. Only when we are sure that the road is clear, we can cross it. The right way to cross the road is to walk quickly. It’s not safe to run. If people run across the road, they may fall down. We should try to help children, old people, or blind people to cross the road, and never play in the street.
41. The passage is mainly about ______________.
A. population   B. traffic   C. education   D. economic
42. Which of the following is NOT the right way to cross the road?
A. Stop and look both ways.    B. Run quickly.
C. Make sure that the road is clear.   D. Walk quickly.
43. Why do most old people often get hurt or die when they are crossing the road?
A. Because they are not careful   B. Because they forget to look and listen.
C. Because they can’t see or hear very well. D. Because they often run across the road.
44. The best title for this passage may be _____________.
A. How to lessen traffic accidents   B. How to cross the road
C. Please obey the traffic rules   D. Meeting with traffic accidents
45. As a student, you can _________ so as to lower traffic accidents.
A. let drivers drive slowly    B. play in the street carefully
C. run across the road quickly    D. help children to cross the road
come out, look down on, while, team spirit, ours, western, is suitable for, well, take part in,
1. ________ is very important if we want to be successful.
2. It’s wrong of you to ________ the disabled people.
3. Your classroom is bigger than ____________.
4. We should learn more about __________ culture when we study English.
5. After school, we often _________ outdoor activities.
6. I was doing my homework _______ my mother was cooking last night.
7. The little girl can play the piano as __________ as her teacher.
8. I don’t think this dress ___________ you.
9. I like reading the novels___________(write) by Hanhan.
10. Tom felt___________(comfortable),because he was ill.
11. If Mr. Wang_____(be) free tomorrow, he will go to visit you.
12. The students were too tired___________(finish) the hard work.
13. My father’s job is different from those_________(spaceman)
14. The Chinese government already_________(realize) the importance of protecting the environment.
15. Which do you think is_______(good)season of the year?
I _____________________the news until___________________this morning.
My cousin___________________, but she never________________________.
Good friends should be willing __________________________each other.
You’d better__________________your parents, not___________________them.
If you_______________________details, it is immpossible for you_______________.
Birds are building nests in the trees and the sun is shining. Signs of spring are everywhere. There’s no better way to start a beautiful spring day than to sit in the morning sunshine and read great books. Morning reading is so important for English learners.
Reading aloud in English is a great way to help your pronunciation(發音). Pronunciation is one of the first things and also the biggest thing in learning English. If your pronunciation is poor, it will be hard for you to take your English language studies further. In the morning, after a good night’s sleep, it is the perfect time to learn new things and difficult words.
English speeches and dialogues are perfect chioces. You can also choose English magazines, English newspaper, or any other thing you are interested in. Try to read something different every day. It is a good way to find a reading partner or join a reading group. First make a list of books or stories you want to read. Then work together with your reading partners.
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