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21. Why should you get up so early to read aloud?
22. Is morning reading only good for your pronunciation?
23. How do you start morning reading?
24. What can you read in the morning?
25. What is this article mainly about?
Fresh college graduates(大學畢業生) are finding it difficult to find jobs. For many years, people have thought that knowledge can change one’s life. More and more people are asking such a question--- Is college education worth it?
Look at the answers:
Yes. The problems in the job market don’t mean knowledge is useless.
1. It still needs many well-educated and trained people. There are different kinds of knowledge and education. Many college graduates can’t find jobs because they didn’t get the right kind of knowledge. We should improve our university education according to what the market really needs.
2. What is the quality of life?  To make money?  To get a good job? No! Knowledge also helps people find other pleasures in life and peace of mind. In the long term, education and knowledge can greatly improve people’s quality of life.
No. Knowledge is no longer enough to change lives in today’s China.
1. There are too many college graduates and not enough jobs for all of them. For young people, to change their lives and become successful, they need more chances to get enough experience and put more effort in studying how to improve themselves.
2. There are too many well-educated young people in big cities, so some of them can’t find jobs or improve their lives. But there are more chances in small cities and towns.
26.The market still needs__________people, many students can’t find jobs without____________.
27. Quality of life isn’t just about making money and ____________, and education and ______ can improve people’s quality of life.
28. For young people, they should study___________and get ____________.
29. Some college graduates can’t find jobs__________ in big cities, but they can have___________in small cities and town.  
30.If you are a college graduate, you can______________________________to improve your quality of life.
學生與學校之間:熱愛校園,積極參加學?;疃?br /> 學生與學生之間:誠信禮貌,友愛互助┉┉
Dear everyone:
Our government is trying to build a“harmonious society”. It is every citizen’s duty. As a student, we also should build a“harmonious school”

1.Team spirit 2.look down on 3.ours 4.western 5.take part in 6.while 7.well 8. is suitable for
9. written 10.uncomfortable 11. is 12.to finish 13. spacemen’s 14.has realized 15.the best 16.didn’t know, I read the newspaper 17. is good at singsing , shows off 18. to share the joy\happiness and sadness\trouble with 19. communicate with, shout at(to) 20.don’t pay attention to(pay no attention to), to pass the exams 21.Because it is important for English learners.22.No,it isn’t.23.Choose right books and work with a partner.24.English speeches and dialogues, English newspaper and magazines or any other you are interested in. 25. Getting up early to read aloud is a good way for English learners to study English. 26.well-educated and trained, (getting)right kind of knowledge.27.getting a good job, knowledge 28.how to improve themselves, enough experience 29.or improve their lives, more chances 30.get more knowledge and enough experience
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