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98. Paper _____ first invented in China.
A. is      B. are      C. was      D. were
99. The Greens _____ China for five years.
A. has been in    B. have been in    C. went to     D. has gone to
100.There _____ an eraser under the desk. Is it yours?
A. is     B. has     C. was      D. had
1. Do you know any other foreign language ____ English?
A. except B. but C. beside D. besides
2. He suddenly returned ____ a rainy night.
A. on B. at C. in D. during
3. I'm looking forward ____ your letter.
A. to   B. in    C. at    D. on
4. John plays football ____, if not better than, David.
A. as well   B. as well as   C. so well   D. so well as
5. She thought I was talking about her daughter, ____, in fact, I was talking about my daughter.
A. when   B. where   C. which    D. while
6. Would you like a cup of coffee ____ shall we get down to business right away?
A. and   B. then    C. or    D. otherwise
7. I learned that her father ____ in 1950.
A. had died   B. died    C. dead     D. is dead
8. The five-year-old girl ____ by her parents.
A. is looked    B. has looked for    C. is being looked for    D. has been looked
9. Here's my card. Let's keep in ____.
A. touch B. relation C. connection D. friendship
10 ____! There's a train coming.
A Look out B Look around C Look forward D Look on
11. I haven't got a chair ____.
A. to sit     B. for to sit on     C. to sit on      D. for sitting
12. He was made ____.     A. go     B. gone     C. going       D. to go
13. A new factory is ____ very soon.
A. to be built   B. built    C. to build    D. to building
14— Excuse me!— _____
— How can I get to the nearest post office?
A. Yes?                  B. That’s OK.      C. What’s wrong?          D. Pardon?
15. Would you like some more soup? ---- _______. It is delicious, but I’ve had enough.
A. Yes, please    B. No, thank you     C. Nothing more    D. I’d like some
16. What can I do for you?—              
A. Yes, you can give a skirt to me  B. I'd like a skirt  C. No, I can do it myselfD. I can do what I want
17.Shall we go to play football? —       . Let’s go!
  A. Sounds boring       B. That’s a good idea   C. I’m afraid not  D. Thank you
18. Would you please lend me your bike?—             .
A. Sure    B. No, thanks    C. Never mind     D. It was a pleasure
19. How are you doing, Daisy ?—         ,thank you.
A. I'm OK    B. I'm a teacher    C. I'd love to     D. I'm coming
20. Hi, Sunny. Your new flat is so nice!—Thanks,         .
A. don't mention it    B. my pleasure    C. help yourself   D. make yourself at home
21.Would you please help me to take these books downstairs?---_______ .
A. Yes, please     B. No problem    C. That’s right     D. Let’s go
22. Will you please take a message for Mike?---______ .
A. Yes, the message is important   B. That’s very nice   C. Thanks for telling me   D. I’ll be glad to
23. Would you mind putting out the cigarette?---________ .
A. Yes, I do        B. No, it doesn’t matter     C. Sorry, I’ll do it soon
24. Could I borrow your bike?---______, but please return it by Saturday.
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