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A. I’m sorry   B. Of course    C. Let me see    D. No, thanks
25.I can’t go with you today. There will be a test tomorrow.---______. Maybe next time.
A. It doesn’t matter  B. My pleasure   C. I don’t think so   D. Sorry to hear that
26. Shall I give you a ride as you look so tired?---Thank you. ______
A. It’s your duty      B. Don’t mention it    C. Do as you like   D. It couldn’t be better
27.Thank you for your coffee and tasty snacks. I’m afraid I have to go now.---OK. _______.
A. Go slowly  B. All right   C. Sounds great     D. See you
28. Would you mind putting out your cigarette ?---___________.I forget it’s No-smoking Day.
   A. Not at all   B. It doesn’t matter    C. Yes, please     D. Just a little
29. I’m happy to be here for my six-month English course.---_________.Cal me if you have any trouble.
A. Help yourself      B. Thanks a lot     C. Be careful   D. Enjoy your stay
30. Can you imagine that we’ve translated 30% of the long article today?--___.You’re so smart and quick!
A. It’s a pleasure  B. I don’t mind    C. That’s it     D. I can’t believe it
31. I’m sorry I’ve broken the alarm clock.---___________. I’ll have it repaired in a moment.
A. Excuse me     B. No problem    C. What a pity     D. Never mind
32.Mike hurt his leg while playing football yesterday.--–__________.
A. I’m sorry to hear that    B. That’s all right    C. Never mind     D. That’s nothing
33. Can you stay here longer? — _________. But I have to be back tomorrow.
A. I’d love to      B. I’m afraid not    C. I’m sorry, I can’t       D. No, thank you
34. Excuse me, sir. Is the swimming pool open all day?---______ . Only from 6.30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m.
A. Yes, of course    B. That’s right    C. Sorry, I’m not sure   D. Sorry, I’m afraid not
35. Mum, I have got the first prize in the speech competition.---_________ !
A. Good luck      B. Come on       C. Good idea        D. Congratulations
36. Will you join us to play basketball on Saturday afternoon?
---______ , but I promised to go swimming with Eric.
A. Never mind    B. Many thanks     C. Take it easy    D. My pleasure
37. I was busy with my homework while you were away tonight, Dad.
---______  The TV set is hot.
A. I believe it.   B. I think so.   C. You’re kidding     D. You’re excellent.
38. Let’s eat out this evening.---______ Have you got the first prize in the speech competition?
A. Why not?   B. What for?  C. Yes, I’d love to   D. Thank you very much
39.It’s sunny today. How about going skiing in Ying Yue Park?--- _____! Let’s ask the twins to go with us.
A. Sounds great         B. Best wishes           C. Good luck         D. That’s OK
40. Simon, I’m going to Beijing with my parents tomorrow.      —¬¬____________!
A. Have fun          B. Best wishes       C. Never mind      D. Cheer up
41. ________--Not bad.
A.How old are they?               B.Judy doesn't like thrillers at a11.
C.Where do you have breakfast?     D.What do you think of the salad?
42.-- -_________--No.What terrible weather! --Yeah.Rain again.
A.Not very nice weather, is it?    B.How are you today?
C.What's the weather like today?   D.Is it terrible weather
43.Would you like all ice—cream? Or some bread perhaps?---______,please.
--Just a minute.
A.I choose neither   B.Ice-cream   C.Thanks    D.Bring me bread
44. This suitcase is really heavy, and my back is giving me a lot of trouble!---That's very kind of you.
A.You're welcome. B.Never mind   C.Certainly. D.Shall I carry it?
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