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  1. Bike is short for bicycle.
    Bike is_________  _________ _________saying bicycle.
  2. It took Mary an hour to do her homework last night.
    Mary________ an hour _________her homework last night.
  3. They made him work 12 hours a day.
    He_________  _________ _________ _________ 12 hours a day.
  4. I am a League member. He is a League member,too.
    _________ he_________ I _________League members.
  5. He is so young that he can't join the army.
    He is _________ young________ the army.
  6. The player smiled and jumped into the river.
    The player jumped into the river_________ _________ _________.
  7. Mr. Brown left London six years ago.
    Mr. Brown  _________ _________ _________ _________London for six years.
  8. The earth is bigger than the moon.
  The moon Is _________ _________ _________ _________the earth.
  9. He is one of my friends.
  He is a friend _________ _________.
  10. The teacher told us that we should not meet at the school gate.
  The teacher told us_________ _________ _________at the school gate.
  11. I have something to tell you. It's interesting.
    I  have  _________ _________ to tell you.
  12. I saw them playing basketball there.
    I saw _________they_________ _________basketball there.
  13. Listen carefully,and you'll become more interested.
    _________ _________listen carefully, you'll become more interested.
  14. She has been a nurse for five years.
    It_________ _________ _________ _________she became a nurse.
  15. All are here, but our English teacher isn't.
  _________is here _________our English teacher.
  16. It was so interesting a film that all of us saw it twice.
  It was_________ _________interesting _________that all of us saw it twice.
  17. Mother was busy with some housework when I got home.
  Mother was_________ _________some house-work when I got home.
  1. another way of 2.spent;on/doing 3. was made to work 4. Both;and;are 5. too;to join 6. with a smile 7. has been away from 8. not as/so big as 9. of mine 10. not to meet 11. something interesting 12. that;were playing 13. If you 14. is five years since 15. Everyone/Everybody,except/but 16. such an;film 17. busy doing

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