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2.         Some of my classmates ________ from other cities.     A. comes B. is C. are
3.         A number of students ________ in the dinning hall.
------Let me count. The number of the students ________ about 200.  
A. are, is    B. is, are    C. are, are
4.         Either Mary or he ________ going to Paris. Only one person may go there.  
A. are    B. is    C. was
5.         One of my friends ________ already moved to London.  
A. do      B. does     C. have     D. has
6.         There ________ no milk in the fridge. Could you get some for me? ------All right, Mum.
A. is     B. are     C. was     D. were
7.         How many countries ________ in Europe? ------I’m not sure.
A. is it     B. is there    C. are they    D. are there
8.         ________ a pen and two books on the desk.
A. There are    B. There is    C. Have     D. Has
9.         There ________ some old people taking a walk in the park.  
A. is    B. are    C. had    D. have
10.     Not only Jim but also his sister ________ a few cities in the south since they came to China.
A. will visit    B. has visited    C. have visited   D. visited
11.     Both Lily and Lucy ________ to the party yesterday.
A. invited    B. was invited   C. had invited   D. were invited
12.     Everyone except Tom and John ________ there when the meeting began.  
A. are     B. is     C. was     D. were
13.     When are you going to Beijing for your holidays?
------I haven’t decided. ________ this Sunday ________ next Sunday is OK.
A. Both, and    B. Either, or    C. Neither, nor   D. Not only, but also
14.     Which is more useful, biology or chemistry? ------I think ________ them are useful.
A. either of    B. none of    C. both of    D. all of
15.     How many teachers are there in your school? ------About 200. One third of them ________ men teachers.
A. have     B. has     C. are     D. is
16.     China’s sports stars Yao Ming and Liu Xiang ________ Goodwill Ambassadors(親善大使) for Shanghai.
A. has been named B. have been named C. has named   D. have named
17.     Liu Xiang and Yao Ming are world-famous sports stars. ________ of them are the pride of China.
A. Both     B. Neither    C. All     D. None
18.     Listen! Someone ________ outside.     A. sing B. sings C. is singing D. are singing
19.     It rained heavily this morning, but ________ of classmates were away from school.
A. neither    B. none     C. all     D. both
20.     A report says hundreds and thousands of trees ________ in the Amazon rainforest(亞馬遜雨林) last year.
A. was cut down B. have been cut down C. were cut down D. had been cut down
21.     Not only his parents but also his grandfather ________ to a lot of places of interest in our country since they came here.
A. has gone    B. has been    C. have gone    D. have been
22.     ________ she or you going to Beijing next week?  
A. Is    B. Are    C. Was    D. Were
23.     Three fourths of the earth ________ covered with water.  
A. are    B. is    C. were    D. being
24.     The mother with her little son ________ at my home on that snowy night.  
A. were    B. was    C. is    D. are
25.     The singer and dancer ________ yet.
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