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A. don’t come     B. haven’t come     C. didn’t come     D. hasn’t come
26.     How many students are there in your school?
------________ the students in our school ________ over two thousand.
A. The number of, is   B. The number of, are   C. A number of, is    D. A number of, are
27.     Swimming in the pool with the children ________ very interesting.  
A. has    B. have    C. are    D. is
28.     Physics(物理) ________ my favorite subject.  
A. be    B. is    C. am    D. are
29.     The paper for books and newspapers ________ made from wood.(木頭)  
A. are    B. is    C. has    D. have
30.     Do you think we’ll need a coffee pot(咖啡壺)?
------I don’t drink coffee, and ________. It’s not necessary. Why not a tea service(茶壺)?
A. so do you    B. neither you do    C. so you do    D. neither do you
31.     Jim wants to take part in the torch relay(火炬接力) of the 2008 Olympic Games. ------________.
A. So I do    B. So do I     C. Neither do I   D. Nor do I
32.     Jim works hard at his Chinese and ________.
A. so Lucy does   B. so is Lucy     C. so does Lucy   D. so Lucy is
33.     I am interested in science. What about you? ------________.
A. So do I    B. So am I     C. So I am
34.     I’m going to an amusement park. ------________.
A. So am I    B. so are you     C. So you are    D. So I am
35.     Jim is trying his best to learn Chinese Kungfu. ------________.
A. So does Mike   B. So is Mike    C. So Mike does   D. So Mike is
36.     How well Anna dances! I can’t believe my eyes! ------________.
A. So she does   B. So does she    C. Neither can she   D. So can I
37.     In recent(最近的) years, more and more Americans like traveling during holidays. ------________.
A. So do we Chinese B. So will we Chinese C. So we Chinese do D. So we Chinese will
38.     Lily’s not visited many places of great interest in China. ________.
A. So has her twin sister B. Neither is her twin sister C. Neither has her twin sister D. So her twin sister has
39.     You’ve left the light on. ------________. I’ll go and turn it off.
A. So I have    B. So do I     C. Nor have I    D. Neither I do
40.     David has made great progress recently.(近來) ------________, and ________.
A.      So he has, so have you B. So he has, so you have C. So has he, so you have D. So has he, so have you
41.     Mr. Watson won’t be here next week, and ________.
A.      neither will his wife B. neither his wife won’t C. his wife won’t neither D. his wife will either


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