日期:2013-06-15 09:48:41   點擊:63

21. –What a girl she is! -Yes. She always helps people when they are in trouble. A. shy B. silly C. lucky D. kind 22. –What are you going to give your mother for her birthday? -I’m no sure. But I’ll buy her spec...


日期:2013-06-15 09:40:33   點擊:75

A. has B. had C. has had D. is having ( ) 28. Lucy and Lily twins. They look the same. A. be B. am C. is D. are ( ) 29. I ______ along the road when I saw ...


日期:2013-06-15 09:28:39   點擊:163

II.聽錄音,選出與你聽到的句子意思相近或相同的句子。(兩遍)(每小題1分) 4. A. Our hairstyle will make you the tallest in the world. B. Our hairstyle will make you feel satisfied. C. Our hairstyle will ...


日期:2013-06-14 11:36:55   點擊:173

II.讀音選詞 根據所給句意和音標,從每題ABCD四個選項中,選出一個最佳答案。(5分) 21. Neither the boy ___________ / n?: / his parents are interested in the movie. A. no B. not C. nor ...


日期:2013-06-14 11:33:35   點擊:170

2. —Which do you like better, juice or coffee? — . I prefer tea. A. Both B. All C. Neither D. None 3. Please turn to page and let’s read the passage. A. twentieth; three B. twenty; third C. twentiet...


日期:2013-06-14 11:27:45   點擊:172

一、聽力(共15小題,第一、二節每小題1分,第三節每小題2分,共20分) 第一節:聽小對話,從A、B、C三個選項中選出正確的選項,回答問題。 1.Where was the sweetest boat made? A. In Japan...


日期:2013-06-13 11:42:47   點擊:105

( )13 The reason ___ _ he changed his mind is___ _ he would not like to get into trouble. A for what ; that B why; that C for which; because D which ; that ( )14 The other day he ran across one of his frie...


日期:2013-06-13 11:35:51   點擊:150

13. —________is a boat ticket for children? —How old is your child? It’s free for kids under three years old. A. How long B. How much C. How often D. How soon 14. —I won the 100-meter race on our sports day. —________! I’...


日期:2013-06-13 11:27:48   點擊:167

請先閱讀下面的短文,掌握其大意,然后在每小題所給的A、B、C、D四個選項中,選出可以填入空白處的最佳選項。 Do you have the ability to live cheaply? Now here's a true story of an American girl...


日期:2013-06-12 11:08:20   點擊:62

空白處的最佳選項,并在答題卡上將該項涂黑 I went to a group activity,“Sensitivity Sunday”which was to make us more 36 the problem faced by disabled people,We where asked asked to “ 37 a disability”for sev...



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