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3d组选3遗漏数据 www.kitlg.icu “I can’t believe what I’m hearing,” I thought to myself. Jeff was the

  last candidate(候選人) for president of student council. My best friend Tony came to me and said. “I’m sorry, Mike. I really thought you should be ______ (36)。

  Later that day, I happened to pass Jeff in the dining room. I offered him a ______ (37) “congratulations” and walked to my usual table. To my surprise, Jeff put his plate beside mine。

  “I’m , er—I ‘m just wondering if you would...consider coming to work on my team, ” he said ______ (38). “You are really smart, and you would be a great manager。”

  “I don’t think so,” I replied, feeling unsure。

  “Well, If you change your mind, we are meeting tomorrow,” he said before moving to another table。

  All that night, I thought about the ______ (39) from Jeff. Maybe being a part of the election process (選舉過程) would give ______ (40) a chance to make important changes at our school. I decided to join them。

  My first goal was to ______ (41) a catchy –容易記住advertisement. Within a few days, we designed a poster with Jeff’s pictures showing him in a number of activities. No one could walk through any hallway ______ (42) passing Jeff’s smiling face。

  My next step was to ______ (43) which new activities students would like to have at our school. Many of them wanted a chess club and a volleyball team。

  With the information I had collected, Jeff met with the headmaster. The headmaster ______ (44) to add these activities to our school program。

  With my help, Jeff and our ideas were well ______ (45) at school。

  An eighth grader said, “It’ll be like attending a new school with Jeff as president。”

  Hearing these words made my heart filled with ______ (46). I had wanted to become president of Student Council to make a difference. I achieved that and more by working as a member of Jeff’s team. He became the most popular candidate and I was a large part of his ______ (47). The fact that it has made a difference in other people’s lives is the real prize. What a great feeling!

  36. A. heard       B. chosen     C. invited      D. followed   

  37. A. polite        B. loud        C. warm       D. cheerful

  38. A. proudly      B. quickly      C. nervously   D. regretfully

  39. A. advice       B. chance     C. message    D. offer

  40. A. them        B. him         C. me         D. us

  41. A. print        B. invent       C. create       D. send

  42. A. for         B. from        C. with        D. without

  43. A. carry out     B. try out       C. work out     D. find out

  44. A. agreed       B. wanted     C. expected    D. asked

  45. A. allowed     B. received     C. introduced   D. required

  46. A. pride        B. surprise     C. patience     D. hope

  47. A. luck         B. spirit        C. life         D. success.

  36. 【正確答案】B

  【考點解析】動詞練習上下文,上文給出the last candidate(候選人) ,下文對應的動詞應該是 be chosen 。

  37. 【正確答案】A

  【考點解析】形容詞感情色彩+聯系上下文。由本段出現的第一個形容詞usual 來判斷的感情色彩是平淡的,故排除B. loud和D. cheerful選項,由 第二個形容詞surprise 來判斷,與Jeff的關系不是非常親密所以排除C warm選項。

  38. 【正確答案】C

  【考點解析】副詞聯系上下文。副詞關注前面的動詞--說,引號中為說話的內容,其中er—,wondering,would.。.都是緊張的表現,所以答案選擇C nervously。

  39. 【正確答案】D

  【考點解析】(考點為名詞辨析+聯系上下文: A. advice指的是忠告,多指醫生對病人,長輩對晚輩; C message 多指口信,轉述客觀事實不帶有主觀色彩;B chance 最大的干擾選項 因為下文出現個chance ,但是chance表示的一種可能性,抽象名詞 D offer 作為名詞表示提議,聯系上文D為最佳答案。

  40. 【正確答案】C

  【考點解析】代詞還原,聯系上下文主語都是I,所以答案選擇C. me 。

  41. 【正確答案】C

  【考點解析】動詞辨析 在當時advertisement 已經存在故可以排除B invent 選項,在剩下的選項中我們進行個排序會發現 第一步: create ;第二步:print ;第三步:send 。與上文提到first goal 相呼應,所以答案選擇 C 。

  42. 【正確答案】D

  【考點解析】介詞搭配 最能凸顯出 poster 效果的介詞是without 否定介詞與前面的no 相呼應,雙重否定表肯定。

  43. 【正確答案】D

  【考點解析】近三年選項中首次出現短語辨析,動詞短語辨析 carry out 實施, try out 嘗試, work out 解決 find out 找出+事實,真相 ,結合上下文,wanted  a chess club and a volleyball team,下文的 collect information 得出答案為 D。

  44. 【正確答案】A


  45. 【正確答案】B

  【考點解析】動詞的熟詞生義,receive 在此表示的是接納并不是我們熟悉的收到,所以此題為難題。

  46. 【正確答案】A

  【考點解析】名詞辨析+聯系上下文 我和Jeff的工作得到了他人的認可,心中感到自豪和滿足,故答案選擇A。

  47. 【正確答案】D

  【考點解析】名詞聯系上下文 上文提到the most popular …那么用下列四個詞概括下就是Jeff的成功,故答案選擇 D。

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